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Simple Organization for a Small Guest Bathroom

My mom recently had surgery so I stayed with her for a couple days while she recovered. I decided to tackle a little project while I was there and organize her small guest half bathroom for her. I was in a unique situation with this guest bathroom. My mom uses this one primarily to get ready before going out. So I did have to find the right balance between a guest bathroom and a personal space. I wanted to keep things that are used frequently close at hand while trying to hide the majority of the clutter in drawers and cabinets. I think we achieved a good balance when it was done.

Assess Everything and Ruthlessly Edit

Begin by assessing the current state of your guest bathroom. Take a critical look at the items cluttering your space – from excess toiletries to personal items that might not necessarily be for guest use (or eyes). Identify what needs to be removed and set aside anything that doesn't contribute to the serene and welcoming atmosphere you want to create. In this bathroom, I found a lot of empty packaging, older items no longer being used or damaged. I had one bag for garbage and a box for items that should be stored in the upstairs bathroom or elsewhere. There were a lot of items pulled out and on the counter rather than properly stored in drawers or under the sink. This photo shows the process of sorting and organizing what I found.

decluttering and organizing small guest bathroom

Baskets and Organizing Bins

Clear plastic organizers with or without lids are a brilliant choice for storing and displaying your essentials while maintaining a clean and cohesive aesthetic. These organizers offer visibility and orderliness, allowing you to easily locate items. They also tuck away nicely into a vanity drawer and are a great way to keep the clutter at bay, making it easier to contain spills and keeping everything easy to find at a glance. Utilize these organizers to categorize and store makeup, skincare, grooming items and perfume. Place makeup brushes and other cosmetic tools and essentials in separate compartments. Arrange makeup products such as lipsticks, glosses, blush and eye shadow pallets neatly within the organizers. Under the sink there were already some organization tools in place. A plastic drawer stack and some bins and baskets on the cabinet doors. I simply decluttered, cleaned and reorganized this space to better store what was previously being displayed on the counter. There was also a nice stand alone tiered wire shelf between the vanity and the toilet where I was able to store all of the hair tools and products out of sight and tucked away.

Use a Tray to Organize the Counter

I incorporated a bamboo tray to corral the clear plastic organizers and some other items on this bathroom countertop. The tray not only adds a touch of natural beauty but also serves as a designated area to contain organized essentials. The tray keeps everything together and enhances the sense of order within the space. In this example, I used the tray to elegantly display a favourite perfume and daily moisturizer while keeping useful toiletry items within easy reach. Always consider the look of product packaging when determining whether to display an item or tuck it away out of sight. In this case, the items looked elegant enough to keep on on the counter.

Limit Personal Items on Display

Maintaining a serene atmosphere in your guest bathroom involves minimizing the display of personal items. While a few tasteful touches can add warmth, avoid overwhelming the space with grooming tools, prescription or other medications or excessive personal items. The goal is to create an environment that guests can comfortably inhabit without feeling like they're intruding on your private space or learning more than they'd like to know about you. 🫤

organized small guest bathroom counter

Embrace Simplicity and Tranquility

As you reorganize and declutter, aim for a simplified and tranquil aesthetic. Choose a soothing color palette for your towels, bath mats, and any decorative items you include. Soft, neutral tones or pastel shades work well to evoke a sense of calmness.

Thoughtful Additions

If you're lucky enough to have some natural light in your bathroom, consider a small potted plant to add greenery. A vase of fresh flowers or a scented candle would also be beautiful items to further enhance the serene atmosphere. These subtle touches help your guests feel welcome without overwhelming the space.

Regular Organization & Maintenance

To sustain the serene and clutter-free environment, commit to regular maintenance. Make it a habit to periodically go through your things and discard what's no longer useful or outdated to ensure that items remain organized and unnecessary items are promptly removed. By editing the number of personal items on display, you ensure your guests won't feel like they're encroaching on a personal space.

In conclusion, transforming your small guest bathroom into a serene and welcoming space is achievable through thoughtful decluttering and reorganization. Remember, a little effort goes a long way in creating a beautiful and functional bathroom both you and your guests can enjoy.

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