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Ew, throw that away! Your Makeup Expiry Date Guide

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Part 2: Building Your Bathroom "Beauty Bar"

Here's your handy-dandy guide to when to get rid of that makeup, toiletries and skincare you've been hoarding. I know, I hear you, it was pricey and the packaging is so pretty!

When it comes to your skin, and especially your eyes, don't risk it. Makeup and skincare products do expire. Try to manage your urge to buy something new before you really need it. Chances are, you'll have to throw it away before you've even used it up.

I've read a couple suggestions to add a small label to an item when you open with the date. But I can't imagine messing up my pretty products with tiny labels that will likely wear off. My plan was to make a note when I buy something new that I have to keep track of in my phone. When I'm ready to clear my items out again in a couple months, I have my dates available. Then I realized there's a much easier way! If you purchase items from the same store(s) and use your account and/or loyalty card, they'll automatically track your purchases for you.

Keep this guide on hand for when you need to organize your at home beauty bar or before you head out on a Sephora run.


Best Before Dates for Beauty Products

Concealer 1 year

Cream Blush 1 year

Eye Liner 3 months

Eye Pencil 1 year

Eye Shadow 1 year

Foundation 1 year

Lip Balm 1 - 3 years

Lip Gloss 1 year

Lipstick 2 years

Liquid Liner 3 months

Mascara 3 months

Nail Polish 1 year

Powder Blush 2 years

Makeup Sponge

1 month

Deodorant 1 - 2 years

Nail Polish Remover indefinitely

Body Lotion 2 years

Body Wash 3 years

Sunscreen 3 years

Face Cream 2 years

Eye Cream 1 year

Hairspray 2 - 3 years

​Bath Oil 1 year

Perfume 1 - 2 years


I cleared out all of my old makeup and bath products when I recently re-organized my makeup. It felt great to get rid of it and left me with a very organized makeup drawer with significantly fewer products.

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