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Small Bathroom Storage Solutions for Beauty Essentials

Part 3: Building Your Bathroom "Beauty Bar"

Wondering how to organize your bathroom for optimal efficiency and style? If you're a woman with a ridiculous collection of hair appliances and beauty essentials like I am, I've got you covered! In this third part of our building your bathroom beauty bar series, I'll provide practical tips and suggest organizational products that will help you achieve a beautifully organized space under your bathroom sink. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a serene and orderly bathroom.

Throw the Old Stuff Away!

Before diving into organization, take a moment to assess your hair tools, make up and beauty essentials. Determine which items you truly need and use regularly. Discard or donate anything that is likely way past it's prime, no longer serves a purpose or brings you joy. Streamlining your collection will make the organizing process much easier. To learn more about what you should keep and what should definitely go when it comes to make up and other beauty products, read part 2 of this series, Ew! Throw That Away.

Categorize for Clarity

To create a structured system, categorize your hair appliances and beauty essentials. Group similar items together to ensure easy access and visual clarity. Separate your hair dryers, curling irons, and straighteners, and then organize your brushes, combs, and styling products into distinct categories.

Choose Functional Bathroom Storage Solutions

Selecting the right storage products is key to maintaining an organized under-sink area. Consider the following options:

  • Door Mounted Storage: Install door mounted bins on your bathroom cabinet doors to securely hold metal hair tools and other items. Using hair tool holders designed for this purpose is a great method keeps them easily accessible while avoiding tangles.

  • Drawer Unit: Under sink storage is often under utilized. Use a tiered shelf or drawer unit to take advantage of vertical storage under your sink. It's also a great way to corral smaller items.

  • Hair Tool Holders: Utilize holders designed for hair appliances to create custom fit compartments for your hair tool essentials. These containers allow for neat organization and prevent items from getting jumbled together.

  • Storage Baskets: Opt for versatile storage baskets to house items that don't fit in drawers or need quick access. I prefer items easy to clean over woven or fabric bins. Find what complements your bathroom's aesthetics while providing functionality.

Manage Cord Clutter

To tackle the challenge of tangled cords, implement effective cord management techniques. Try these tips:

  • Cable Clips: Utilize cable clips to neatly coil and secure your hair appliance cords. This simple solution prevents tangles and keeps your under-sink area tidy.

Here's the before and after of my own under sink bathroom storage for a little inspiration.

Recommended Sources for Organizational Products:

If you're in search of quality organizational products, consider these reliable sources:

  • Ikea ( Everyone knows Ikea offers a huge selection of affordable bathroom organization products, including bins, drawer dividers and storage baskets. Browse their range to find items that suit every need and style. The white Variera bins in this Instagram post are from Ikea.

  • Room In Order ( Explore the offerings of Room In Order, where you'll find stylish and modern Joseph Joseph and Umbra storage solutions among many other sustainable options. The price point is a little higher here, but they're selection is well curated. Get 10% off your first order.

  • HomeSense ( Always a great resource for home wares and organizational items at steep discounts. I've sourced a lot of my storage solutions here.

With our practical tips and suggestions, organizing your bathroom to manage an abundance of hair appliances and beauty essentials has never been easier. Remember to declutter, categorize, and choose suitable storage solutions to maintain order and accessibility. Tackle cord clutter with smart cable management options. And don't forget to check out trusted sources for organizational products that match your style. Say goodbye to the chaos and welcome a beautifully organized under-sink space in your bathroom. Enjoy the convenience and serenity that comes with an efficiently organized beauty bar!

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