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A little about me

Tracey Copeman this + that blogger
Modern Kitchen

A tidy space is a calm space. That's why I strive to keep my home clutter-free and organized. And by this I don't mean minimalist. I have stuff - lots of it. Like you probably do too.

Everything seems to have it's place though. I rarely find myself searching for things. If I do, I know the item will be in one or two possible places. That gives me piece of mind and saves precious time.

To me an uncluttered space equates to an uncluttered mind. My home and work space are a reflection of that philosophy. 

Not only will I share my own personal organization projects, but also hope to inspire you to create your own. Whether you're in a small space or large home, these tips, products and ideas can help you too live an organized life.

I've always loved sharing my favourite sustainable or small brands and products to friends and family. I'll continue that practice here, regardless of any paid promotion or incentive.

Blog this + that does use affiliate links in some content. That means, if you buy something through these links, we may earn a commission.

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