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When Your Pet's Stuff Starts Taking Over

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

The term 'fur baby' rings pretty true in my home. I wouldn't ever refer to my little pup as my 'fur baby' but the space taken up by he and his stuffed toys, leashes, harnesses, chew bones, dog bowls, rain coats, booties, night lights, flea and tick meds, poop bags - I could go on - is astounding for a chihuahua mix. I know I'm not alone. We can't help ourselves when we find something adorable or useful for our pets.

So here are a few simple but stylish ways to keep things in order.


A beautifully woven basket easily fits in with most decor. They are perfect storage solutions for so many items, and have been my go-to for pet toys, balls and chew bones. This one is large (14" tall by 14" across) but accessible and fits an incredible number of my dog's stuffed toys. Whenever we come home or have a visitor, he's quick to run over to his basket and bring us a toy.

Woven storage basket holding dog toys

For all the items we need ready to go for a walk, we use a basket that can be easily integrated into whatever shelving or storage unit we have at the front door. This basket holds all the leashes, harnesses or collars and rain gear we need to have handy as we head out the door.

Wall Storage

Although I'm not a fan of open wall storage, if you have a mudroom or storage space near an entrance to your home, it makes a lot of sense. I love the idea of a pegboard for storage and there are so many options for accessories to change up what you store and how you store it once you have the main board installed.

Here are a couple examples of smaller wall-mounted storage for small spaces or for those of us who don't have the luxury of an extra room.

Small peg board wall storage

Wall mounted storage organizer

We keep our dog's kibble and jerky treats in a labeled white storage bin in a kitchen cupboard with other pantry items. The bin keeps it all together very nicely. I have a clear glass storage jar on the counter, labelled with the same gold vinyl labels as our other storage bins, to keep dog treats close at hand.

Dog bowls, silicon dog mat and dog portrait

There are also a lot of cute dog-themed options. Containers shaped like dog bones or storage bins with paw prints. Although they are adorable, I prefer to have that storage more subtly tucked away in items that blend with my decor. It's all about creating a serene space. Having said that, our pup does get his own little nook just off the kitchen where he has his food and water bowls (mhmm, it's dog bone shaped). It's a special little spot for our best friend.

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