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Top Organization Tips for Clothing Drawers

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Many of us can relate to the overstuffed clothes drawer. Trying to get the damn thing shut, when you've got way too much packed in. Finding clothes balled up in the back, spilling over into the drawer below and jamming it all up. It can be really frustrating.

Marie Kondo seems to have the right idea when it comes to drawer organization and clothes. Small compartments and folding clothes in a way that allows you to see clearly what you have. My challenge here is the upkeep. Half of my things are folded the Marie Kondo way and the other half the way my mom taught me. So it's time for an overhaul, and frankly a good clean out. I'm taking my own advice.

So, welcome to a comprehensive guide on organizing your household clothing drawers. An organized drawer can save you time, reduce stress, and make getting dressed a breeze. In this blog post, I'll provide you with the top drawer organization tips. From efficient folding techniques to recommending useful drawer organizing products and resources, we've got you covered. Let's dive in!

Declutter Before You Start to Organize Your Clothing Drawers

Before you start organizing your clothing drawers, it's crucial to declutter. Remove all the items from the drawer and sort them into categories: keep, donate, or discard. Let go of any clothing items that no longer fit, are damaged, or you no longer wear. By decluttering, you'll create more space for the items you truly love and use. If you're having trouble lettings things go, here's a post to help you along the way.

Efficient Folding Techniques

To maximize space and keep your clothing tidy, try utilizing efficient folding techniques. The KonMari method, popularized by Marie Kondo, works wonders for drawer organization. Fold your clothes into compact rectangles and stand them upright in the drawer. This way, you can easily see and access each item without disturbing the rest. Keep in mind, if you have many items of the same colour or multiple pairs of jeans in a similar wash, this technique becomes a little less useful. Still, it's absolutely valuable to know the technique. It comes in handy when packing for a trip, too.

Utilize Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers are essential for keeping your clothing neatly separated and organized. They help prevent items from getting mixed up and ensure everything has its designated place. Consider investing in adjustable drawer dividers or customizable organizers that can fit your specific drawer dimensions. Some popular Canadian retailers, such as Canadian Tire or Bed Bath & Beyond, offer a wide range of drawer organizing products suitable for various drawer sizes.

Categorize and Label Clothing in Your Drawers

Create a logical system by categorizing your clothing items and labeling the sections in your drawer. For example, separate your tops, bottoms, undergarments, and accessories into different compartments or sections.

You can use adhesive labels or tags to clearly mark each category, making it easy to locate specific items. This can be a really useful tip for kids when learning how to put their clothes away and get dressed without pulling everything out of the drawer.

Consider Drawer Liners

Drawer liners not only add a decorative touch but also protect your clothing and the interior of your drawers. Opt for drawer liners made from breathable materials like cotton or linen to prevent moisture buildup. Home goods stores like HomeSense or Linen Chest often carry a variety of stylish and functional drawer liners to suit your taste.

Drawer Maintenance and Regular Refresh

To maintain an organized clothing drawer, commit to regular maintenance. Set aside some time every few months to reassess and reorganize your drawers. Donate or discard any items that you no longer need or wear, and make adjustments to your organization system as necessary. Regularly refreshing your drawer organization will ensure it stays functional and clutter-free.

By implementing these top drawer organization tips, you'll create a functional and visually appealing space. Remember to declutter, utilize efficient folding techniques, invest in drawer dividers, categorize and label, utilize vertical space, consider drawer liners, and commit to regular maintenance.

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