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Choosing the Best Fashion Reading Glasses for Your Style

Whether you need prescription or reading glasses to see clearly or simply want to make a statement, the right eyewear can significantly elevate your style. Let's delve into the importance of selecting frames that suit your face shape, and provide a sneak peek into the fashion trends for glasses wearers in 2024.

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Part 1: Elevating Your Style with Fashionable Glasses

Vision-correcting glasses are no longer just a means to see clearly; they have become a fashion accessory that can make a bold statement about your style and personality. Here's how they can elevate your style:

  1. Enhancing Facial Features: Glasses can draw attention to your eyes, which are often considered the focal point of your face. The right frames can complement your eye color and enhance your overall facial features. For instance, if you have blue eyes, choosing frames in complementary colors like tortoiseshell or warm metallic tones can make your eyes pop.

  2. Expressing Personal Style: Glasses come in a vast array of styles, from classic and sophisticated to bold and quirky. The frames you choose can convey a lot about your personal style. Classic black frames may exude professionalism and seriousness, while brightly colored or uniquely shaped frames can showcase your creativity and individuality.

  3. Creating a Signature Look: Many iconic figures throughout history have been known for their distinctive eyewear, such as John Lennon's round glasses or Audrey Hepburn's cat-eye frames. Finding a signature style of glasses can make you memorable and leave a lasting impression on others.

  4. Versatility: Glasses can be a versatile accessory that complements various outfits and occasions. You can have multiple pairs of glasses to suit different moods and situations. A sleek, minimalistic pair may be perfect for a business meeting, while a funky, oversized pair can add flair to your casual attire.

Part 2: Finding Stylish Frames That Suit Your Face Shape

Choosing the right frames that suit your face shape is crucial in enhancing your style with any eyewear you choose. Different face shapes benefit from specific frame styles. Here are some guidelines to help you select the perfect frames for your face shape:

1. Oval Face Shape:

  • Lucky you! Oval faces are considered the most versatile, as they can pull off various frame styles.

  • Try to maintain balance by avoiding frames that are too oversized or too narrow.

2. Round Face Shape:

  • Angular frames with straight lines can add definition to a round face.

  • Rectangular, square, or geometric frames can elongate and sharpen your features.

This is definitely my face shape. I've opted to go for larger, angular, bold frames to really make a statement in the past (Peepers by peeper specs). I love them! However, with the larger frames I find they can get quite heavy on my face. My eyes also require two different magnifications for reading. With a new prescription, I've embraced the lighter, more minimal trends for 2024. I'm loving my new eyewear from Bailey Nelson. These glasses are super light, and really easy to wear throughout the workday. They also offer frames for smaller faces, so they truly have an option for everyone. Plus, the brand is based in Australia and I like that they're ahead of the curve on the style front.

3. Square Face Shape:

  • Soften the angles of a square face with round or oval frames.

  • Cat-eye frames can also work well by adding a touch of femininity.

4. Heart Face Shape:

  • Balance a heart-shaped face by opting for frames that are wider at the top and narrower at the bottom.

  • Aviator or butterfly-shaped frames can complement this face shape nicely.

5. Diamond Face Shape:

  • Frames with distinctive top-heavy designs, such as cat-eye or oval frames, can complement the unique contours of a diamond-shaped face.

  • Avoid frames that are too narrow, as they can exaggerate the width of your cheekbones.

6. Oblong Face Shape:

  • Make your face appear shorter with wider frames.

  • Rectangular or oversized frames can add width to your face.

7. Triangle Face Shape:

  • Frames that are wider at the bottom, like cat-eye or butterfly frames, can balance the broader forehead of a triangle face.

  • Light-colored or rimless frames can also help soften the overall look.

women's face shape guide

Part 3: 2024 Fashion Trends for Reading Glasses

As we look ahead to 2024, here are some exciting fashion trends for glasses wearers:

Classic aviator style prescription glasses frames Winter in rose crystal from Bailey Nelson
  1. Retro Revival: Vintage-inspired frames from the 60s, 70s, and 80s are making a comeback. Think oversized round frames, aviators, and cat-eye glasses. These classic styles add a touch of nostalgia to your look.

  2. Eco-Friendly Materials: Sustainable fashion is on the rise, and glasses are no exception. Look for frames made from eco-friendly materials like recycled plastics, bamboo, or reclaimed wood. Not only do these options reduce your carbon footprint, but they also offer a unique and natural aesthetic.

  3. Bold Colors: In 2024, expect to see reading glasses in vibrant and eye-catching colors. From deep emerald greens to bright corals, bold hues can add a playful and confident element to your style.

  4. Translucent Frames: Semi-transparent or translucent frames are gaining popularity. These frames offer a modern and minimalist look, allowing your facial features to shine through while still making a subtle style statement.

  5. Double Bridge Frames: Frames with a double bridge design, reminiscent of classic aviators, are making waves in the fashion scene. They add a touch of sophistication and can suit a variety of face shapes. (see Bailey Nelson Winter frames in Rose Crystal, above).

  6. Geometric Shapes: Unconventional frame shapes, such as hexagons, octagons, and irregular polygons, are becoming more prevalent. These geometric frames provide a contemporary and edgy look.

  7. Oversized Frames: Oversized reading glasses continue to be in vogue, offering a chic and bold appearance. They not only make a fashion statement but can also provide additional sun protection when fitted with tinted lenses.

  8. Customizable Frames: Some brands are offering customizable glasses, allowing wearers to choose their frame shape, color, and even engrave their name or a personal message. This trend promotes individuality and uniqueness.

Reading and prescription glasses have evolved into a style statement, enhancing your overall look while serving their functional purpose. By choosing frames that suit your face shape and staying updated with the latest fashion trends, you can ensure that your glasses elevate your style in 2024 and beyond. Whether you opt for a retro-inspired look, embrace sustainability, or experiment with bold colors and shapes, your glasses can be a reflection of your personality and fashion-forward sensibilities. So, don't just see better; look better with the perfect pair of glasses that complements your unique style and face shape.

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