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5 Renter-Friendly Hacks to Personalize Your Space

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

We get it – while you might not own the place you call home, that doesn't mean you can't inject a little bit of your unique style into your space. I've been renting for years and I always take the opportunity to put my personal touch on my space. Our new place is no exception. The only difference is this time I have a partner and he's very handy around here.

Check out these five easy, renter-friendly hacks to personalize your space without breaking the bank or your lease agreement.

1. Upgrade Your Lighting

Tired of those dated light fixtures making your space look like a time capsule? It's time to switch things up. This is truly a simple hack with potentially huge impact on both the style and functionality of your space. A quick and reversible lighting upgrade can work wonders for your rental's ambiance. Look for stylish and affordable lighting fixtures that you can easily install and remove without leaving a trace. When you're ready to move, just reattach the original fixtures and take your modern taste with you.

2. Window Coverings Make a Difference

Windows are like the eyes of your rental, and you want to dress them right. Hang some stylish curtains or blinds that match your aesthetic to instantly transform your space. And if you're not a fan of holes in the wall, opt for tension rods or adhesive hooks to hang your window coverings without damaging surfaces. When it's time to bid adieu to your rental, remove your additions and let the sunshine back in.

sheers with black out curtains and antique chandelier in primary bedroom

3. Make a Statement with Prominent Art

Blank walls are like blank canvases waiting for your personal touch. Showcase your personality with eye-catching artwork. Lean large pieces against the wall for a trendy gallery vibe, or use adhesive hooks to hang smaller frames. Worried about the aftermath? Keep your walls in mint condition by patching holes with a paint sample of your original wall color. Or if that feels too risky for you, 3M command strips are a brilliant alternative to nails or screws. Your landlord will be none the wiser.

gallery wall of travel photographs in Crate & Barrel picture frames

4. Add Clever Storage Solutions

You can never have too much storage, especially in a rental where space might be limited. Opt for adhesive hooks and stylish wall-mounted shelves or organizers to keep clutter at bay.

From hanging your keys to displaying decorative pieces, these solutions are versatile and removable, making them perfect for renters. And don't forget to stash an extra can of paint for touch-ups once you're ready to move on.

Our place had mismatched 90's era coat racks installed on either wall of our entryway. They had to go. We patched and repainted the walls and installed these fun, inexpensive and modern coat hooks instead. It's completely changed the look and functionality of the space.

Ikea tree coat racks

5. Elevate Your Bath Space with New Hooks and Storage Soutions

The bathroom deserves a little love too. Swap out the standard towel bars and shower curtain rods for something that speaks to your style. Go for a more elegant look with brushed metal or a splash of color with vibrant hooks and rods. Remember to save those original fixtures so you can restore your bathroom to its original state when the time comes.

Look for stylish storage solutions like floating shelves and baskets to create a more organized bathroom. You'll gain storage and space to display objects and art.

We love plants too. If you're lucky enough to have a window in your bathroom, take full advantage of the natural light and and add some beautiful greenery.

Your Style, Your Space, Your Rules

Making your rental feel like home doesn't have to involve a complicated renovation process. With these renter-friendly hacks, you can personalize your space while still abiding by your lease agreement. Remember, the key is to keep all the original fixtures and items you've replaced so that you can restore the space when it's time to move on. So go ahead, add your personal touch, and turn your rental into a stylish reflection of you!

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